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How to claim an artist portfolio

Artist portfolios are created when art is added to the community database. When you claim an artist portfolio, you are unlocking the ability to sell art in new condition and sending updates to your followers.

An user may only have one artist portfolio claimed. You can tell if an artist portfolio has been claimed if it has gold checkmark by the name on their page.


  1. Login from the user icon on the top navigation bar
    • Using an email from your artist website helps verify your identity
  2. If there is no art found attributed to the artist, add a poster to the community database and wait for it to be approved
  3. Find the artist’s portfolio or the art’s details page
  4. Click "claim artist portfolio" at the top or in the info panel
  5. Provide photo identification and any other information that would help verify your identity

You will receive a notification once your claim to the artist portfolio is reviewed. Photo identification will be deleted at the same time from our servers. If approved, you will see a link to your "artist store" in the top navigation bar.

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